Monday, September 11, 2017

Can I please just crave a doughnut?

A couple of weeks ago, we finally made public the news that Baby #2 is on the way, due in December. After 6 long months of waiting, I now get to complain.

Here's my litany of excuses for the most recent blog silence:

(1) I'm pregnant
(2) I'm tired
(3) I have a 3 year old
(4) Did I mention that I'm pregnant?
(5) Work is incredibly busy.
(6) Oh, and I'm pregnant with a 3 year old and a full-time job.

I hereby excuse myself. Now on to complaining.

And so will the...cribbage?

I know I start practically every blog post this way, but I'm sorry it's been so long. I have buckets of good excuses. I considered going into them, but I won't. Let me just tell you a funny story.

Back in October 2016 (OMG, almost a year ago!), we were driving to the annual Toddler Nightmare at the Pumpkin Patch (in which we join thousands of other parents and their equally whiny, snotty offspring in the muck and mire of a Seattle October in order to gape at slightly harassed barnyard animals and purchase over-priced gourds in the name of "childhood"). Avery was having an especially whiny morning, and with a good 15 minutes of drive time yet to go, she demanded that "dada" get out of the car. As Dada was driving, this was rather problematic.

Trying to avert a tantrum, Mark gamely explained to his hostile offspring that "if dada gets out of the car, the car will stop." And then something strange happened. Avery repeated this fundamental truth, with one subtle addition: "If dada gets out of the car, the car will stop...and so will the cribbage."

*cue screeching record sounds*

Ummmm... "the cribbage"?

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Dear Women of the United States, thank you for today. Thank you for getting up, for standing up, for shouting up. For demanding visibility and acknowledgment. I was so, so proud to be a woman in America today, and these past few months it hasn't felt very good.

Thank you for recognizing that women are not the only group with a hell of a lot to lose here. For raising your voices for all of those who would be silenced: minorities, immigrants, LGBTQ, the disabled. For demanding better for all of us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I'm with her. For me.

Dear Daughter,

A little over eight years ago, I stood at a polling station in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia and thought long and hard about the vote I'd cast.

One choice was Hillary Clinton, a woman of tremendous accomplishment and rich experience whose decades in the public spotlight had been hard on her.

The other choice was Barack Obama, a young candidate with much less experience, but whose vision and soaring rhetoric were igniting renewed passion and hope in a nation sorely lacking those things.

No matter what choice I made, one of these candidates would make history: Barack, as the first black man to be a major party candidate; Hillary, as the first woman.

I voted for Barack. I've thought about that choice every day since.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Toddlers, aka Parental Smug-Busters

I've been meaning to post this one for a few months, but alas, my summer was completely insane and involved three major work projects and travel to no less than 7 different states over a 6 week period. Not kidding.

But while work was helping me rack up the frequent flyer miles, my precious baby was rapidly going full-blown toddler on me. I might have been up in the sky, but she made it her mission to take her poor parents down a few pegs.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Age of Contrarius

Avery's first word was "uh-oh."

Not a blunt "uh-oh," but a sing-songy "uh-oh" -- rising pitch on the "uh" and descending terminal pitch on the "oh."

Learned, evidently, from a toy known as The Laugh & Play Puppy, which says "uh-oh" if you knock it over. It took Avery less than two months to kill it she knocked it over so many times.

Adorable. And a harbinger of things to come.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Chronicles of Raleigh

I know, I know. It's been a very long time. Like months. I know this, because I started writing this post...months ago. Suffice it to say, I've been extremely busy it work. It did not help that every time I started writing this, I'd start laughing uncontrollably. Yes, I'm a horrible comedian. I laugh at my own jokes. Sorry not sorry.

For those of you who have not given up all hope of me every writing here again, thank you. And I hope the following will serve as some small reward for your loyalty....


Raleigh is a goldendoodle. A small, black (yes, black) golden doodle who belongs to my sister, Jenna,  and her fiancĂ©, Jay.

Raleigh has already achieved a modicum of internet fame for being the starring pet in Jay's recent article for Deadspin on how to housetrain your puppy.

Raleigh is about to be exposed for what she is: the antithesis to my joy.