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Your Kid Will Not Go to College Still in Diapers

I’m going to tell you the only thing you need to know about potty training: your kid will not go to college in a diaper. Of all the myriad things I read and heard, this was the only one that has been–as far as I can tell–true for every parent and every child. Which leaves A LOT of advice that’s functionally worthless. Here are some of my favorites.     Photo by Laura Ohlman on Unsplash You have to wait until your child is ready .  In the world of potty-training, there’s a school of thought that decouples “ability” and “readiness.” This is basically toddler-led potty training. Wait until your kid decides they want to use the potty! Wait until they start telling you they need to go before they go in their diaper! When they are truly ready, it will be easy! Sure, there are some magical unicorn children that suddenly have an epiphany and decide it’s time to be done with the diaper and use the potty. Those children are few and far between. You almost certainly don’t have one. Also, toddler

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