On Priceless Toddler Moments: "Treat" Edition

Sometime in early December, after a particularly successful dinner, Mark and I decided to give Avery, then 17 months old, a "treat." Mind you, this was not her first treat.

She's had encounters of the cake kind...

The first birthday smash cake extravaganza.

And the chocolate kind...

After Mark tried to take back his chocolate croissant in Mexico
But on this night, we decided to give her a nonpareil, those little chocolate things with the tiny white sprinkles. We had a baggy of them, and we thought, what the heck, right?

So first Avery took a tentative bite. She is wary of anything new, and white sprinkles were no exception.

Then she realized it was chocolate, and proceeded to shove the entire thing in her mouth. We reminded her to take bites. So she removed the nonpareil from her mouth and started biting off chunks. Great. Back on track. #SuccessfulParenting.

Of course, the minute the last bite went into her mouth, she stuck out her hand and shrieked "TEET!" (treat). We told her she ate her treat already.

She paused for a minute and then started doing this weird gagging thing. For a minute, I thought she was choking. Then all of a sudden, out of her mouth popped two chunks of chocolate which she promptly deposited on her rubber place mat.

She pointed, screamed "TEET!" and proceeded to re-eat the regurgitated chocolate.
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