A Classic Moment in History: Dick's Sporting Goods Edition

Christmas 2010. Mark and I are in Colorado for the holiday with my family. It's the morning after the big day, and my sister is in hot pursuit of a new fleece jacket, hoping to get one on sale.

In order to avoid the clamoring hoards as much as possible, as well as give herself the best chance at actually securing the correct jacket in the correct size, she decides she is going to look up what time the Dick's Sporting Goods at the local mall is scheduled to open.

In her hasty pursuit of a Dick's sale (you're welcome), Jenna doesn't bother searching for Dick's in Google (which also would have been awesome). No, she just goes right ahead and goes straight to www dot dicks dot com. 

North Face fleece jacket... ~$79

North Face fleece jacket on sale... ~$59

Going directly to a porn website in front of your parents and sister... priceless

The speed with which Jenna slammed her laptop shut was only surpassed by the speed with which she screamed.

Thanks for the holiday memories, Highness! xoxo

P.S. I am pretty sure that Dick's Sporting Goods now actually owns the domain www dot dicks dot com (good decision on their part, wonder how much it cost them!), but I'm not certain enough to type it into my web browser on my work laptop. I'm also not certain enough to type it as a clickable URL for one of you to accidentally click while at work. No need to thank me. I'm considerate like that.


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