Napa Day 1 Recap/Day 2 Intro

Day 1: Important Moments
  • Jenna arrives to meet me at the rental car pavilion as I'm signing the paperwork for our rental car. She feels compelled to take this extremely unflattering photo of my back in order to show her boyfriend that I have to get on my tiptoes in order to effectively sign on the countertop.
Fuck you guys.

  • In the car, Jenna decides that it is imperative that we take a detour into Berkley for something called Jupiter Pizza. People in Berkley evidently do not know what shampoo is. 
  • I know this is shocking, but in an effort to make life easier, I decided to print directions from SFO to the hotel. Thank goodness for Mapple on my iPhone because she was the one that actually got us to the hotel.
  • Jenna came face-to-face with the breast pump and it was epic. 
  • The Oxbow Public Market is amazing. Really. Chocolate, cheese, pastry, oysters, and wine! Sold.
  • Oxbow Market also has a renowned gluten-free bakery. Which apparently makes GF sour dough bread. Which is apparently impossible to find anywhere. Jenna has been obsessing about it since the moment she saw the loaf yesterday.
  • We ate dinner at Celadon. Solid. Not phenomenal. Except for Jenna's polenta cake which was insanely delicious. 
Day 2: Preview

One of Jenna's first comments this morning: "You don't snore. You wheeze." Well that's heartening. 

Jenna snores. Loudly.

Today we're headed to the Armstrong Redwood forest to hike. Because hiking is what you do when you go to Napa, ya know? Naturally, we're forgoing the gentle 3.3 mile trail hike for the strenuous six mile hike.

First we have to go get cheese and apparently GF sour dough bread and this fig spread we saw yesterday because of course.

I'm typing this as I have my first maintenance pump of the morning. Pumping here is both a relief and a tragedy. I don't have to watch my caffeine and alcohol intake because it's all getting dumped. On the other hand, pouring liquid gold down the drain is sad. At least maybe Avery will finally make a dent in the 300 ounces I have stockpiled in the chest freezer in our garage.

Off to go not drink on our Napa weekend! 


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