Getting obsessed with songs: Shut Up and Dance (with me)

Some songs I have to hear a few times to really get into them. On rare occasions, I need approximately 20 seconds of listening to the song to go completely bonkers for it. "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon is one of those songs.

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard it. In the car last week, racing to get home by 5:30 to relieve the nanny, on the home stretch up 10th Ave W in Queen Anne just past Muse coffee shop. I switched the radio station and came in about halfway through the song. At the next stop sign, I Shazamed it. Since then, I can't stop listening to it.

Admittedly, I've been on a bit of an '80s kick lately. Another song that has bordered on an obsession is "Seasons" by Future Islands, which borrows heavy from '80s electronica and is completely awesome. You can watch the music video here, but I'd advise you to listen instead to the live version that the band performed on Letterman awhile back (below). You can tell that the lead singer has been dreaming of that moment his whole life. It's infectious. Watch until the end. Letterman agrees.

Anyway, back to "Shut Up and Dance." The thing that is so great about this song, aside from just being insanely catchy is that it actually makes you want to shut up and dance. It's the kind of dancing that happens at girl sleepovers with hair brushes and wooden spoons as microphones and hair flying all over the place. It's the kind of dancing I do with Avery in the living room at when I get home from work because it makes her laugh when you bounce and spin around. It's the kind of dancing my sister and I did as kids in the living room with our mom to classics like Richie Valen's "La Bamba" and Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire."

This songs begs to be danced to like a maniac, sung in the shower, and drummed to on the steering wheel. Grace, coordination, and ego need not come to the party.

Enjoy :-)


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