A new perspective on pumping

Day 4 of pumping at the office. On the recommendation of another mommy friend, I have been using a pump bra so that I can be hands free and productive whilst I'm being milked like a common dairy cow. In case you're unfamiliar with a pump bra, here's what it looks like, sans the rest of the pumping accoutrement.

So anyway, this morning following my 9am milking, I unhooked the bottles from the tubing, and then pulled the bottles off of the flanges (see below) before removing the nursing bra. Standard acts and practices, no big deal.

That is is, until I looked down at the ends of the flanges poking out of the nursing bra, and realized that it looked an awful lot like this:

So just in case you need a better visual to understand what it feels like to be pumped than this old standard:

 ... I give you this:

Oh, you'll never get that image out of your head, you say? I'm not sorry. You're welcome.


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