Like an otter to water

A month or so ago, I posted about something called the Otteroo, a floatation device for babies that looks vaguely like torture but a lot of people swear is super fun!

Without consulting a pediatrician or any other parent who had actually used one of these devices, we purchased one and gleefully unwrapped it when it arrived a few days later. Naturally, once we had it there was no chance we were going to wait to try it, so out come the Otteroo, off came the baby's clothes, and into the tub the pair went.

Well, it wasn't quite that simple. First, I had to blow the thing up. Then I had to convince Mark that her head wasn't going to pop off the second we put her in the water (thank goodness for buoyancy!). Then we actually had to (gently) wrestle her into this thing. Then we had to hold her their for a couple of seconds to make sure we were not going to have a nuclear meltdown. After a few brief seconds looking confused, we got the one and only real laugh we've ever gotten from Avery. And so into the tub she went.

Through total dumb parenting luck (because we're first time parents, so honestly, it's always dumb luck), the Otteroo was and continues to be a massive hit.

We have "Chill Otteroo":
'Sup, guys?

We have "Happy Otteroo":
Don't lie. You know I'm freakin' adorable.

We have "Kickin' Otteroo":
I will make it to the other side of the tub!

And without further ado (haha I love when things work out in a rhyme-y way like that!), we have video. YAY!


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