That time when I almost killed my husband during a Seahawks game

Tonight, after Avery's bath, Mark marched back to our basement to, apparently, continue watching the Seahawks game. The DVR'd Seahawks game. That I was also watching. Per usual, I was tasked with nursing/rocking her to sleep.

After a less than awesome nap day, I was faced with a seriously fussy budget, so I was less than thrilled when shouting from the basement resulted in Avery thrusting herself backward off the nipple to howl in protest/commiseration.

If you are under the impression that my first thought was, "he's disturbing the baby," you would be wrong. My first thought was "he's watching the DVR'd game without me. Bastard!"

Only then did I get pissed about the whole baby thing. 

The mama is cranky.


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