Consequences of Ignoring the New Workout Plan

When it comes to maximizing exercise, my common sense is often minimal. As noted in my earlier post, intellectually I understood that pumping prior to doing an interval training workout made sense; however, I only had an hour and pumping was going to cut at least 10 minutes from my workout. So I went ahead and exercised while a little engorged. That was Tuesday at 5pm.

Wednesday at 3am I paid the price. I woke up to a crying baby and a very plugged milk duct. Always the same duct mind you. Right side, upper right quadrant. It's a weak spot in the truest sense of the term. Anyway, rather than my usual routine of grab baby, change diaper, attach baby to breast, and half-doze until she is sufficiently sated to be deposited back in her crib, I found myself engaged in strenuous negotiation with an intractable duct.

A digression . . . for those that are dismissing the pain of a plugged milk duct (ahem, men and childless people), I would like to state for the record that I gave birth naturally. No epidural, no drugs. If you need a visual, I pushed a watermelon out a hole the size of lemon with no analgesic assistance. This should lend me credibility when all I have to say about a plugged milk duct is: "F*** that sh**. Where's the Vicodin?"

Returning from my digression, it took 90 minutes, including a good 30 minutes of pumping, 20 minutes of standing in a scalding hot shower, and breaking the cardinal rule of having a baby -- waking the baby -- to unplug said duct. Needless to say, I will not be making this mistake again. I paid dearly for those extra 10 minutes.


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