Happy Anniversaries Come in Many Flavors. Preferably Chocolate and PJs

You know you married the right person when you find yourself happily celebrating your wedding anniversary by eating steak and mashed potatoes, followed by chocolate cake, off of your wedding china, while wearing pajamas.

Today Mark and I officially celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Our beautiful daughter, Avery, also turned 3 months old today. Do the math on that one. I promise, it'll be fun (#hinthint, our anniversary will forever be a reminder for her first-born of how much fun her parents had celebrating their first wedding anniversary!).

Another indication that we married the right person? We decided that the official celebration of our anniversary would be attending the Broncos/Seahawks football game, during which we talked a copious amount of shit, drank beer, and ate bad cheese steak. I wouldn't have it any other way. Neither would Mark.


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