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After reading about Float Baby in Houston, Texas, I became vaguely obsessed with the notion of floating my child in a bathtub / swimming pool, etc. I looked for a Float Baby equivalent in Seattle to no avail. Turns out that when it comes to shoving your child's head in a donut and using it to float her in a body of water, Texas is more progressive. Who would have thought . . .

Then lo and behold, one of my favorite blogs, Lucie's List (precisely the correct amount of snark peppered in with parenting advice!), posts to Facebook about how you can create your very own Float Baby spa . . . in your own bathtub. This miracle comes courtesy of a company called Otteroo*. Ding ding ding... SOLD! For $35 I can provide myself with at least several hours of priceless entertainment as my 3 month old is magically transformed into (hopefully) smiling, giggling, disembodied head in my very own bathtub. I just ordered one. If Baby Avery doesn't vociferously object, I'll post some pictures.

Can I get a hallelujah for the Texans? Amen.

*Mark refers to this as the floating donut hole. I don't really think that's accurate considering that it's a head floating in a donut. It's more like a jelly donut. Or better yet, one of those Hershey's Kiss cookies. But whatever. These are minor parenting disagreements. You can judge for yourself below.

Hershey's Kiss Cookie
Donut Hole


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