Live Blogging a Dishwasher Installation

For additional context, please see "Finding Religion Before a Scheduled Appliance Installation."


12:15pm: Installation crew arrives with new dishwasher. Being an idiot, I realize that I've not yet unloaded the old dishwasher. 

12:16pm: Begin unloading old dishwasher, get angry with husband for forgetting to run it. Realize that he did run it, it just failed to clean the dishes. Curse old dishwasher.

12:20pm: Installation dude takes the trash and recycling out from under the sink. I realize that husband did forget to put the trash and recycling out at the curb for collection last night. 

12:21pm: Dump the baby in the play gym, sprint to the curb. Check the neighbors recycling bin and breathe a sigh of relief that it is still full. Pull the bins to the curb. Go into a ridiculous spastic dance as a spider crawls from the trash bin onto my arm. Look sheepishly at the neighbors.

12:25pm: Realize that I've left a full bag of dirty diapers upstairs. Race upstairs and take the bag to the curb to be picked up with the rest of trash. 

12:30pm: Baby is still happily cooing in her play gym. Dishwasher install guys are spending a worrying long time looking at the inside of old dishwasher. I decide to start laundry.

12:35pm: Install guys are now using a putty knife to try and wrest old dishwasher from its position.

12:41pm: I'm hearing the term "kiwis" repeated over and over again. I assume this is a dishwasher part. I think it's unlikely that I have any New Zealanders hiding behind my dishwasher (bad mom joke!)

12:46pm: Install guy refers to old dishwasher as "this abomination" and tells his partner to "remove it from his sight." I'm not kidding. Old dishwasher is wheeled out on a dolly. *massive sigh of relief from all three adults present in the room*

12:50pm: Installation of new dishwasher begins. Hallelujah chorus starts playing in the background. 

1:05pm: We officially have a new dishwasher. I'm so happy I could cry.


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